About Me

I have been an enthusiastic amateur for a long time, but the time has now come to be get serious, with the equipment I use, improving my technique, and also by selling some of the images.
I started a long time ago with a Kodak Instamatic, progressing through SLR cameras, then digital and finally using DSLRs. I have been using a Canon 600D with kit lenses, but have now purchased a Canon 5d Mkii, a 24-105mm F4 and 70-200 F2.8 lenses, as well as various filters, reflectors and convertors.

This website is partly a voyage through my memory of places I have been and things I have seen.
It is also here in the hope that some people will think my ability with a camera is sufficient enough to want to put a picture or two in their homes or workplace.
Please have a look through my website, and if you find anything you like, please place an order through the website, or use the contact page to talk to me.

Thank you